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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Celebrity Nip Slips pt.6

A little Latina flava with Jennifer Lopez’s nice perky tata’s

jlonips.jpg jlonips2.jpgjennifer-lopez-nip-slip.jpg

Traci Bingham sucking face on the red-carpet as her boob pops out to join the party

traci-bingham-boob-slip.jpg traci-bingham-boob-slip-02.jpg

Jennifer Tilly’s enormous areola spills out of her dress


Bony chested Kate Bosworth boob dangles as she bends down

kate-bosworth-nip-slip.jpg kate-bosworth-nip-slip-02.jpg

Ananda Lewis hard nipple poke out of her shirt, looks like she rubbed ice cubes on them

ananda-lewis-nip-slip.jpg ananda-lewis-nip-slip-02.jpg

Elisha Cuthbert leaves nothing to the imagination with this see through shirt

elisha-cuthbert-see-through-shirt.jpg elisha-cuthbert-see-through-shirt-02.jpg

Turnip Carmit Banchar from the Pussycat Dolls boob implant slides out, damn she’s busted

pussycat-dolls-carmit-bachar-nip-slip.jpg pussycat-dolls-carmit-bachar-nip-slip-02.jpgpussycat-dolls-carmit-bachar-nip-slip-03.jpg

Bijou Phillip’s razor sharp nipple pokes out as she tries “hard” to tuck it back in


Some UK actress I’ve never heard of, Nicola Stapleton smiles at the camera as her nip slips out into the picture


Senator John Kerry’s daughter, Alexandra Kerry in a completely see through dress

alexandra-kerry-see-through.jpg alexandra-kerry-see-through-02.jpgalexandra-kerry-see-through-03.jpg



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